2019 Pledge for PEACE Campaign

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PEACE Punta de Mita is one of our local foundations that work hard to improve the quality of life of our communities, always looking for new ways to influence social change within the local villages, a change that would endure over time, creating programs designed on the principle of “a hand-up, not a hand-out”.

PEACE Team is wonderful, but they wouldn’t be able to achieve as much as they do without the valuable support of all their kind donors, they are a core part of this organization, allowing them to do more for our communities.

As every year, starting in May and through to the end of the calendar year, the PEACE Board of Directors will be making contact with Punta de Mita area residents for its annual 2019 PLEDGE FOR PEACE fundraising campaign with its purpose to fund operations, consisting mostly of education programs, with the largest being teaching English to more than 1,100 area students.

Since the majority of PEACE donors prefer to make their donations towards the end of the year, PEACE directors concentrate their main fundraising efforts in November and December. Now with only 6 weeks remaining for this year’s campaign, the PEACE directors are actively contacting potential donors with the goal to raise over US$400,000 to cover estimated operating costs of 8 million pesos. Donors are asked to consider an annual pledge in one of the following donor categories:

Patron – USD20,000+
Benefactor – USD15,000
Companion – USD10,000
Member – USD5,000
Friend – USD1,000

USA Donors to PEACE Punta de Mita can receive a USA tax receipt by donating via PEACE USA, a 501[3][c]. USA donors can click here for instructions.
Canadian donors wishing a CRA tax receipt are requested to donate to Canadian Shelter of Hope Foundation [CCSHF]. Canadian donors click here.
For a Mexican tax receipt, donors can pay directly to PEACE Punta de Mita, click here.

The 2019 PLEDGE FOR PEACE CAMPAIGN is being conducted – person-to-person – by PEACE Board of Director members with the support of the Advisors to the Board, and Program Committee members, all volunteers. PEACE Board Members are Louise Temerty, Mariette Woestemeyer, Margaret Isberg, Ron Budacz, Bob Farquharson, Rob Ritchie, Roberto Santa Cruz, and Peter Newton.