Ten Questions with PEACE Punta de Mita’s Ali Elias

PEACE Punta de Mita is a unique non-profit organization that works with the local Punta de Mita villages focusing its programs in three main categories: Education, Health/Lifestyle, and Community Pride. The work all the staff do has a great impact in the community, specially the younger members.

Leading the extraordinary PEACE team is Ali Elias. Ali’s enthusiasm and passion for the children education has inspired and changed many lives, and today we want to learn more about her…

  • Describe yourself in 140 characters or less – twitter-bio style:

Passionate about social change, i believe that education is the key to improving our community. Forward thinking, attentive, optimistic and determined, this is what i use to bring our community together.

  • What do you view as your strongest connection to punta de mita?

Definitely it would be the people. I feel a strong connection to everyone here, not only with the locals but also the ex-pat community. Together, the community is an amazing and eclectic mix which makes punta de mita so special.

  • Where do you find your inspiration?

First and foremost i find inspiration in the smiling faces of our communities children. Furthermore, i get even more inspired when i see the incredible impact our programs at peace have on our community. When i see positive social change happening right before my very eyes, i am so inspired to do more great things. I also get inspired when i see our town building strong relations beyond the local community and broadening itself throughout bahia de banderas and to tepic. It inspires me so much when i can mediate the community to converse with our ministry of education, the sep, and other official entities.

  • What is your perfect punta de mita day (or, night?)?

My perfect day in punta de mita is visiting the schools to see the children. Connecting with them is so important to me because i get to feel their positive energy which revitalizes and motivates me. Then to finish it would be my chance to socialize with all members who make up our wonderful community.

  • Where is your favorite punta de mita place to dine & drink?

I honestly enjoy all the delightful places to dine in punta de mita. All the wonderful restaurants in the el anclote area offer such variety and quality, it is impossible to choose just one. I also enjoy the smaller establishments from our local community such as doña victorina’s and el güero´s. Here i can not only enjoy their delicious menus, but also connect with the owners while i am there, and catch up with their ideas and feelings about the town.

  • What is your favorite way to play in punta mita?

I don’t get a lot of time to play in punta de mita, but when i do it is usually when i am involved with the children of the community, whether it is during events held by peace or their schools. Sometimes i get to play volleyball while other times i get the chance to enjoy time with the kids when they want to play football or even star wars light saber fights.

  • Finish this sentence:

punta mita, is, to me……..my home!

  • What is your “go to” style, when in punta mita?

Whether i am dealing with children or families in our community, sep officials, volunteers or board members, my go to style is always open and positive. I really want everyone to feel they are a part of the community, regardless of who they are. I want that everyone understands they have something special and valuable to contribute.

  • How did you get your start in (social causes)?

I got my start in social causes very early on. I got involved in volunteering by helping the elderly. From this i went on to study law because i wanted to make a positive impact regarding the social injustice in my country. When i started at peace, i was able to combine my care work and law experience to help those in need in punta de mita, most notably the youth from the avanza program.

  • What do you love the most from your work?

Above all i love bringing all the different people in the community together! For me, the fact that i can bring everyone from all walks of life together in a peaceful and loving community means so much to me. I love seeing the locals connect with foreigners who visit or reside here. The efforts of peace’s programs and staff are the greatest, and our aim is to improve the lives of community. I truly love it when i see the community becoming multi-cultural and worldly.

To learn more about PEACE Punta de Mita and their wonderful work with the community visit peacepuntademita.org

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